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F.E. Arliss

FEarliss Fabulous Femme Sci Fi

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F.E. Arliss

F.E. Arliss is always up for an adventure. When she's not off exploring the world, the author wants life to be beautiful and loves good food, good music, exquisite art and a good view.

F.E. Arliss
F.E. Arliss
Purple Thistle Cover

Live Dangerously

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Tropical Leaves
Rough Surface

The Oldest Blood

A Vampire Paranormal Fantasy

The Oldest Blood
Tropical Leaves

Shield Skin

A Paranormal Magical Fantasy

Shield Skin
The Osiris Stone

The Osiris Stone:

Shield Skin Book 2

The Osiris Stone

Newest Books

The St. Lo Series


A Cozy Mystery Series

The High Life of Simone St. Lo
Simone St. Lo Raises Hell
Simone St. Lo Hits the High Seas
Outer Space

Alien Alliance

Renegade Redhead
Alien Queen
The Chronicles of Clyde
The Chronicles of Clyde Ghost Ship
Winter's Galaxy
The Force Paradox
Earth from Spaceship

Orbit Guard

Orbit Guard Issued
Orbit Guard Attached
Orbit Guard Assigned
Palace Hall

The Viragoes

Murder With A View (The Viragoes Book 3)
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